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Magnify Aqua Broom Pool Cleaner
Aqua Broom Pool Cleaner
Aqua Broom Pool Cleaner
Auto Pool Vacuums
The Aqua Broom works In Any Spa, Hot Tub, or Kiddie Pool. It removes all debris - from algae to sand to leaves. Aqua Broom is also useful as a spot cleaner for larger above and in-ground pools. Aqua Broom offers extraordinary power for thorough clean-ups of virtually any water applications οΎ… kiddie/wading pools, spas, hot tubs and fountains. A great spot cleaner for traditional above ground and in-ground pools. This powerful cleaner uses five standard D-Cell batteries providing up to 3 hours of cleaning time (on average a set of batteries will last almost an entire season). No charging is required for quick clean ups giving the ultimate convenience of use.
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Search Results 1 to 1 of 1