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Magnify Boulder Creek Short Planter
Boulder Creek Short Planter
Boulder Creek Short Planter
Garden Planter
Tivoli USA

The Boulder Creek Short Planter is the perfect choice for your garden blooms or flowers!  The light-weight fiberglass composition makes this the perfect planter for easy moving!  The River Rock finish creates the illusion of real rocks surrounding the entire outside of the Boulder Creek Short Planter.


Please Note: Rock color may vary from a variety of colors to all black rocks

  • Includes a removable plug for easy drainage
  • The  Boulder Creek Short Planter measures 20.9" in diameter and 14 inches tall
  • Weighs approximately 14.3 pounds unpacked, so it is easy to handle
  • Free UPS ground shipping to any location in the continental United States. Ships from our warehouse on the next business day, allow 3-5 business days for arrival.

Purchase the perfect planter for your garden blooms and flowers with the Boulder Creek Short Planter

Retail Price: $86.24
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